Forklifts (also known as lift trucks, fork trucks, fork hoists, or forklift trucks) are small industrial-powered vehicles that help to move or lift cargo of different weights and sizes over short distances. They are typically used in warehouses or manufacturing facilities to move inventory, or on construction sites to move construction materials. Most forklifts have a power-operated platform attached to the front that can be raised or lowered to move materials. However, there are different types of forklifts built for various material handling or construction purposes.

Material Handling

Material handling equipment is used to move and transport materials, such as cargo, safely and efficiently across short distances. It is typically used in a warehouse, manufacturing, or industrial workplace setting and used to move products such as inventory. There are several different types of material handling forklifts designed for different purposes:

Aerial Lifts

Aerial lifts (also known as construction lifts) are types of forklifts that are designed to lift workers to an elevated height or similar hard-to-reach work area. Frequently used in the construction industry, they are typically electric or gas-powered and contain a work platform that is mounted to a vehicle. Aerial lifts can move workers both horizontally and vertically, depending on the type of lift. Some types of aerial lifts include:

Forklift Renter's Guide

Navigating your forklift rental can be confusing! But you can rest assured you'll make the best decision with our Forklift Renter's Guide. We'll help you with available forklift rental options, important factors to consider before renting, and cost.

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