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Businesses of all types and sizes are using shipping containers to:
  1. House their business operations

  2. Cut costs

  3. Utilize portability

  4. Scale up or down easily

  5. Customize the space

20 vs. 40-foot Containers

The most popular choices for commercial storage needs are the two standard-sized storage containers:
  1. 20-foot shipping containers

  2. 40-foot shipping containers


Our cost checklist will help you sort through the important factors determining your container’s overall price, such as:
  1. Size

  2. Age & condition

  3. Renting vs. buying

  4. Add-on features

  5. Delivery charges

  6. Seasonal changes

Shipping Container Benefits

Renter's Guide

Shopping for shipping container rentals can be confusing. Our comprehensive Renter's Guide will help you buy smart and save money.

Buyer's Guide

Shopping for shipping containers can be confusing. Our comprehensive Buyer's Guide will help you buy smart and save money.

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